Shaula International helps companies define their strategic direction and remove the obstacles to profitable growth. We employ a collaborative approach to deliver analytically sound insights and a commitment to action while strengthening the capabilities of the organization. We work with senior management of leading companies to create strategies that are grounded in current market realities, driven by unique insights, and designed to “redefine the rules of the game.”

Our philosophy of collaboration and education differentiate us from traditional “study and report” consulting firms and ensures that strategy recommendations are implemented and that action is taken.

Shaula International’s strategic management consulting practice is based on the belief that organizations should continually monitor internal and external events to enable timely changes to organizational plans.

If you’re a public, not-for-profit or private sector organization that needs support in developing effective operational and business plans that connect your strategic priorities with your operational capabilities, Shaula International can help you engage with relevant stakeholders to:


  • Develop, evolve or validate your organization’s Vision and Mission statements
  • Identify and confirm strategic priorities and objectives

Our understanding of market trends and drivers, along with deep industry expertise and analytical firepower, enables us to develop actionable strategies that create measurable long-term value for organizations. We tap our vast knowledge to uncover hidden opportunities and provide the evidence-based analysis executives need to make informed decisions. We also work with senior executives to establish a framework for sustained innovation and growth. This can be anything from an incremental product enhancement to capitalize on a market opportunity, to a seismic shift in a company’s direction and focus.

Our core capabilities include corporate strategy, business unit strategy, shareholder value management and financial strategy, organizational strategy, the strategic planning process, sustainability strategy, innovation support, and regulatory and policy planning.

Governance, Risk Managment and Compliance

As businesses expand their operations, there is an increased focus on good governance and risk management in order to protect and create value for all stakeholders. Good corporate governance, strong risk management policies and a comprehensive compliance framework provide accurate and timely information to the management; thus, adding business value by improving operational decision-making and strategic planning.

Alongside, every organisation has various risks that must be assessed and managed in order to meet its goals and objectives. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations must also be ensured.

In addition, with increasing frauds in the business world, forensic reviews play an important role in monitoring and responding to potential risks.

Shaula International’s team offers a full range of services including all of the above.