Shaula International‘s Legal Consultancy services provide the most high-quality legal services to its clients. The company team aims to consult local and foreign legal entities in the course of their business success. The company secures complete legal services, as it also legally consults the development of individual business projects. We realize that nowadays advising corporate business clients means not only to possess the respective legal knowledge and communicative abilities, but also to understand the business environment in which our clients operate. Precisely for reaching this purpose, the team of Shaula International  with a view for providing complete and high-quality services to its clients, aims to understand their specific business matter. Therefore, our consultants have graduated legal education and apart from their excellent command of foreign languages they have specializeed and earned additional training and education in the areas of financial economics and management of business projects.

Shaula’s Legal Consultancy services essentially differs from the other law firms and companies providing an innovative and diverse method of legal service.

Our services include deep analysis of each particular case with a minimum client’s involvement as the projection of that activity is a timely and financially reasonable result, which has an essential significance for our clients’ business.


Our legal consultancy services include:

  • Legal strategy development and implementation
  • Risk and compliance implementation
  • Financial services regulatory compliance
  • Legal IT solutions
  • Interim/flexible resources
  • Legal business process excellence and efficiency
  • Talent management
  • People & change/human Resources
  • Project management
  • Records management
  • Dealing with legal suppliers
  • Information management

During the work process of our Legal Consultancy’s team, our compulsory condition is the complete, permanent and strictly observation of the confidentiality principal and keeping your company secret.