Shaula International provides expert advice to businesses and governments to help them to assess and manage the economic and societal impact of their decisions and policies.

Our tax advisers are seasoned professionals, with the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the optimal level of strategic planning and compliance services to put you in the best position within this complicated tax environment. We get to know every facet of your business, and understand your expectations, by anticipating potential problem areas and propose viable and fully compliant solutions in order to help you achieve your goals, while effectively addressing your tax-related issues, anywhere in the world. Our integrated business tax consulting services provide greater efficiency and effectiveness for our clients. Our tax advisers routinely combine their collective industry knowledge and experience so we can offer you exceptional ideas, problem solving, and developments related to your particular areas of interest.

This area offers the following services:

  • Fiscal planning
  • Comprehensive Management of Corporate Tax
  • Drafting of Transfer Pricing Operations Protocol (Master & Local Files)
  • Comprehensive Management of Income Tax
  • Comprehensive Management of Value Added Tax
  • Management of all other Armenian taxes (Tax on Economic Activities, Inheritance and Donations Tax, etc.)
  • Fiscal updating and regularisation
  • Limited reviewing and checking by fiscal authorities


Free Economic Zones:

Free economic zones (FEZ’s) in Armenia offer a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish businesses in strategic sectors of the economy and to process, produce and export goods with a reduced tax burden. FEZ’s allow the export of goods without any restrictions to international markets with more than 500 million consumers. The law “On Free Economic Zones” and tax legislation grant exemptions from profit tax, income tax, property taxes, VAT and customs duty payment obligations to companies operating within FEZ’s.

The law on FEZ’s grants the following incentives to FEZ operators and organizers:

  • NO VAT for delivering services and supplying goods in FEZ territory
  • Tax-free proft to legal entities and NO income tax for sole proprietor acting as operators or organizers of FEZ’s
  • NO property taxes on public and industrial buildings and structures owned or leased within FEZ’s
  • NO customs charges and non-tariff regulation measures applied to the export of goods released under the customs regime “Imports into Free Economic Zones”, or to other goods produced due to the use of such goods within the territory of FEZ’s
  • Freely convertible currency is allowed as a medium of exchange while trading within FEZ’s, unlike the entire territory of the Republic of Armenia, where trade is allowed only through use of the national currency

The services rendered by the State bodies in FEZ’s are implemented on a simplifed, “one stop shop” basis.